Aiken, South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina is located in the center of Aiken County which lies on South Carolina’s western border. The city is 56 miles west of Columbia, the state’s capital, and 175 miles from Atlanta, Georgia. The National Civic League awarded the city of Aiken in 1997 with the All-American City Award. Today, the population of Aiken is around 25,000.

This peaceful place enjoys the mild, humid climate of the south with temperatures throughout the year ranging from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There is average precipitation throughout the year, but snowfall is a rare occurrence.

There are many things to explore in Aiken, particularly if  you enjoy history.  You can take tours of Aiken’s Old Town or discover Aiken’s most popular attraction at the Hall of Fame.  There are also many large parks to explore.

Aiken’s heritage comes from its rich tradition of providing hospitality with southern charm.  This spot was known as health resort in the mid-nineteenth century and has a history of sending great racing horses to all the thoroughbred classics, including the Kentucky Derby.

Purchasing real estate is an affordable endeavor in Aiken.  Prices here are below the national average, and South Carolina’s overall taxes are also less than the national average, and there is a homestead exemption for those 65 or better.  

The University of South Carolina-Aiken’s Academy of Lifelong Learning offers programs and classes for those 55 and older and is associated with the Elderhostel Institute Network.

With all of its vibrant spirit and southern charm, Aiken is a unique town where most anyone would be happy to retire.