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Arkansas Retirement Communities

Arkansas is located in the heart of America is considered to be one of the states that make up the Bible belt. As of 2006 it had slightly more than 2.8 million residents with Little Rock, the state capital, serving as its most populous city.

Known as “the natural state” Arkansas offers residents and visitors a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities to pursue. From hiking trails in the Ouachita mountains to exploring caves, fishing or hunting, enjoying the great outdoors is a favorite pastime. In addition the climate in Arkansas is perfect for the outdoors as the average highs for winter are in the 50s and for summer in the 90s.

Arkansas first became a state in June 1836, although it had been established as a territory prior to this date as it was part of the Louisiana purchase. It was given its name by explorers from Spain and France, who named it after the Quapaw Indians although they spelled the name based on how it sounded. For many years a debate ensued over the official pronunciation of the state’s name as some pronounced it ar-kan-saw and others ar-kan-sas. The state government finally passed legislation making it ar-kan-saw in 1881 after a dispute erupted between the state’s senators over the pronunciation.

Today Arkansas is a thriving state as it is home to the headquarters of several major companies including WalMart, Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt. In addition, the state offers many different business and employment opportunities to its residents, which is why many residents have chosen it as their home.