Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon Retirement

Bend is situated in the center of Oregon and got its start, not surprisingly, as a logging community. It is surrounded by some truly beautiful scenery, nestled at the base of the snow-covered Cascade range with towering pine trees all around. It is the gateway to a bounty of outdoor recreational opportunities, everything rafting in camping to fishing and hiking. With a population of about 85,000 people, it is a very progressive city with a strong commitment to environmentalism. Bend has also been a booming place, growing by a whopping 75% within the last 10 years or so. At one point, it was said that someone new was moving to Bend every two hours. Roughly 35% of the population is age 45 or better, and the cost of living is about 10% above the national average. The crime rate is below the national average.

Bend real estate comes in all shapes and sizes, and the median home price is roughly $210,000. Not too long ago, when housing speculation was rampant throughout the country, the Bend real estate market was named one of the most overpriced in the country. Today the prices have come down to earth and homes that several years ago are selling in the $300,000 and $400,000 range are now much more reasonably priced.

Bend sits in the shadow of 2,000,000 acres of national parklands, and the area is known for its outstanding fishing waters. It is also a bicyclists’ Eden, attracting riders from around the region. Anyone considering retirement in Bend should love the outdoors since wilderness adventure is a way of life here.

But Bend is not completely about the outdoors. The Central Oregon Symphony performs regularly, and the Bend Film Festival brings in attendees around the state. Residents also enjoy First Friday Art Walks once a month, a time when galleries open their doors and serve tasty morsels of food.

The general opinion seems to be that Oregon has a soggy climate, and while this is true in much of the state, in Bend, the the climate is generally hot and dry in the summer and cold and snowing in the winter. Thanks to the nearby Cascades, the city only receives an average of 15 inches of precipitation a year.

Transportation is provided by Bend Area Transportation, and there is also a dial a ride service.

The primary medical facility is the award winning St. Charles Medical Center. It has 225 beds and is a Level II Adult Trauma Center.

With its gorgeous surrounding natural landscape, low crime rate, progressive outlook and plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities, Bend it makes a great place to retire.