Best Spots for Health Care

Athens, Georgia

Cost-of-Living:  Below the national average

Athens (population 103,000) situated in the east central region of Georgia, is home to the University of Georgia and is drawing more baby boomers and retirees because of affordable living costs and  mild weather.   Approximately 24% of the population is age 45-64 years old, and the population of the over-50 is growing rapidly.   Athens is vibrant and has a small town ambiance with excellent restaurants, delightful galleries and plenty of live music.    There are more than 200 churches and synagogues and more than adequate public transportation.

Health care is top notch because Athens is a regional health care center.  The Athens Regional Medical Center and St. Mary’s Hospital have a combined 500 beds and provide emergency care, cardiac care and all other major medical services.  For military retirees, the Navy Corps Supply School has health care services and dental facilities.