Cody, Wyoming

The town of Cody covers 9.5 square miles and sits at an elevation of 5,000 feet in the northwestern part of the state of Wyoming. With a population of 9,000, the town was named for Buffalo Bill Cody and has a Historical Center honoring the founding father. Cody is divided by the Shoshone River, which flows through the town and provides access to the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park.

The primary industry for Cody is tourism; however, western furniture making, farming and ranching provide economic development to the town as well.

Visitors to this area of Wyoming can use Yellowstone Regional Airport, which serves Cody and the surrounding communities through Delta and United Express. Numerous hotels, cabins, and guest ranches await those who are planning a vacation to experience the American West.

Cody is a tourist attraction in either summer or winter. The mostly dry climate can experience large temperature swings, but the average is 10 degrees in the winter to 80 degrees in the summer. In the summer, attractions include Cody Nite Rodeo, wild west shoot out re-enactments near historic Irma hotel, ghost towns, and the annual July 4 Cody Stampede Rodeo. In the winter, tourists and residents alike can be found skiing, ice climbing, and snowmobiling. Hunting, fishing, biking, golfing, and hiking can be enjoyed as well as whitewater rafting on the Shoshone River.

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