Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado is located in the south-center portion of the state and is the county seat of El Paso County. It is 61 miles south of Denver and is located near the base of Pike’s Peak, a mountain in the southern Rocky Mountains. Colorado Springs is home to almost 370,000 people.

Besides Pike’s Peak, there are many other natural wonders to experience in Colorado Springs, including Balanced Rock and the Garden of the Gods, a public park that has a site with red rock towers stretching above the tree line.   Because of these natural wonders, the town’s founder thought that Colorado Springs would be a great place to begin a resort town. Colorado Springs was also an important part of the gold rush era, shipping supplies through town and making sure that the town was alcohol free for the workers. The city stayed alcohol free until the end of Prohibition.

Colorado Springs receives close to three hundred days of sunshine per year. It is a moderate climate throughout the area, with temperatures ranging from 55 in the winters to 85 in the summers.

The city is really a gateway to outdoor adventures.  Besides hiking and bikes trails, Colorado Spring is also home to the United States Olympic Training Center and has local soccer and baseball teams. And the city is home to army and air force bases.

Colorado Springs is a place of true beauty and anyone would love the chance to retire in this peaceful, elegant city by the mountains.