Denver, Colorado

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is located in the north central area of the state; it is east of the Rocky Mountains and south of Platte River Valley.    Denver’s population is around 566,000 people, but the surrounding metro area has another 2 million people.

The climate in Denver is semi-arid, and the city experiences four distinct seasons.  The average temperature is fifty degrees and snow is not unusual for the city as early as September or as late as May. The area’s weather is influenced greatly by the presence of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

There are a lot of parks, more than 200 of them, to check out in Denver.   There is also ample opportunities for skiing, hiking and high country sight-seeing just to the west of town.  Denver is also a place of culture and since 1859 has had a passion for the arts. There are house museums, the Denver Zoo,  the Denver Symphony Orchestra, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the stunning new Denver Art Museum to explore.

Sports are also important in Denver.  Residents enjoy the Colorado Rockies (baseball), the Denver Nuggets (basketball), the Denver Broncos (football) and the Denver Avalanche (hockey).

Denver began as a mining town in the mid-nineteenth century and the area soon began to grow with the establishment of Denver as a frontier town.  The city has had a history of boom and bust but today sparkles with a Western vitality attractive to new and established citizens alike.

Whatever you are looking for, Denver has it.   From outdoor skiing adventures to great sporting events and mountains of culture, it’s all here.