Easley, South Carolina

Situated in the very northwest corner of South Carolina, Easley has a population of 20,000 people.  It has been growing, roughly 12% during the last decade, and this may be due to its low cost of living, which is 7% below the national average.  Of the population, nearly 40% is age 45 or better.   The median household income is below the national median, and the median house price is also below the national median.    It is a very conservative town, as might be expected in this part of the country, and it has maintained its rural character despite its growth. Nearly 75% of residents identify as Republicans.

This low-key community is lush and leafy, nestled in the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains.  Perhaps it Is best known for hosting the annual Big League World Series, the championship for Little Leaders.  The city also prides itself on its recreation toll facilities, including a number of parks and recreation center.

Real estate comes in all shapes and sizes brick brick ranch style to antebellum style with wraparound porches.  The median home price is $175,000, and property taxes are lower than the national average.

Outdoor recreation is plentiful, as the Blue Ridge offer nearly unlimited opportunities for playing outside. Miles of  hiking trails, horseback riding trails and bicycle trails, not to mention three lakes within the county, give residents plenty to do.

An historic site, two museums and a community theater round out the cultural amenities. This is not a place to retire for a busy nightlife, but it is a peaceful city with a welcoming, small-town feeling about it.  Shopping is not first class, but all of the basics are here, including a Walmart, a J.C. Penny’s, a Home Depot, a Lowe’s and other large retailers.

Baptist Easley Hospital is the primary care facility and has 90 beds.  It is accredited by the Joint Commission and meets national averages in some, but not all, areas.   It did, however, when a 2011 award for patient experience excellence.

Festivals are also a staple of life here, and they create a community spirit not found in all small towns.  Residents are friendly, and the town receives good reviews.

The crime rate in Easley is slightly above the national average but not worryingly so.  And with its easy-going southern way of life, reasonably priced housing and beautiful mountain setting, this South Carolina town is worth a look when thinking about retirement destinations.