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The subtropical, warm and humid climate of Florida attracts tourists and retirees alike.  Year-round golf, lake recreation, miles of sandy beaches and the Florida Keys, combined with a low cost-of-living, all contribute to Florida’s status as a retirement favorite.   Indeed, 20% of Florida’s population is composed of people age 65 or better.

Tourism is the state’s biggest industry, followed by manufacturing and agriculture. Ponce De Leon was the first European to see the area in 1513, and the U.S. purchased it in 1819.  In 1845, the area became a state.  The railroad’s arrival in the 1920s fueled a land boom and then bust.  The state became a major tourist and retirement destination after World War II, with another boom starting in the 1960s and continuing with no end in sight.

Despite headlines about high crime, illegal immigration and hurricanes, there are still many unspoiled areas that provide for an excellent retirement.

Some Florida statistics:

Population:   18,537,969

High School Graduates:  79% (age 25 or older)

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher:  22%

Median Household Income:  $47,800

Language Other than English Spoken in the Home:  23%

Number of Visitors per Year:  60 million

No State Income Tax Thanks to Tourism Dollars

Taxes Social Security?  No