Frisco, Texas

Frisco, Texas is a mid-sized city in the northeast area of Texas, home to more than 95,000 people, and is a fast growing suburb of the city of Dallas. The town received its name from the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway that was established in the town.

Frisco is in a part of Texas that experiences a humid climate, but often the area receives dry winds from the west. The climate for the winter months is mild, with cool winds sometimes coming down from the north. Snowfall usually lasts no longer than a week out of each year. The average temperatures run from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 96 degrees Fahrenheit during the year.

A booming suburb with a great retail presence, Frisco is home to many businesses and even a 165-store mall. There was also recently a buildup of a new area called Frisco Square, where people can live, shop, and enjoy the city.  For the outdoors type or even the sports enthusiast, Frisco has the Frisco Athletic Center, which features over 50,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor aquatic elements to enjoy. Frisco is also home to a minor league baseball team and FC Dallas, the professional soccer team.