Kerrville, Texas

Situated in the pretty, lush Hill Country of the South Central Texas, Kerrville is an unassuming, pleasing city, population 23,000 people, that boasts an affordable cost of living and a low crime rate. This is a river city, with the wide Guadalupe River flowing through the center of town. The river, in many ways, is really the lifeblood of Kerrville. Along its banks, tall cypress trees reach to the sky, and during the summer months, people of all ages take to the water. Inner tubers, kayakers, canoeists and others with improvised floating devices spend their days relaxing and enjoying all that the Guadalupe offers. During the spring wildflowers bloom and create a carpet color across town and in the surrounding hills.

Kerrville started out as a ranching community, and the lifestyle here has always been casual. Texas hospitality and friendly residents have traditionally been Kerrville standards, that is still the case today. Neighborhoods are well kept. People know each other and say hello on the street. While the city attracts families and professionals, it has become a retirement center in recent years. Today, nearly half of the population is age 45 or better. Residents are generally conservative, but this is to be expected in Texas.

The median home price in Kerrville is roughly $180,000. This will purchase an in older ranch-style home with 2 to 3 bedrooms. New construction is usually more expensive. The center of town tends to have, as would be expected, older homes while newer homes were found on the outskirts of the city.

Texas is considered a tax friendly states for retirees. Retirement income, including Social Security, is not taxed because the state does not have an income tax. There is a state sales tax, however, and property taxes tend to be on the high side.

Kerrville has a very good hospital, and it has a popular senior center. Restaurants are generally homestyle, serving everything from Tex-Mex to seafood, and a few have River views for diners.

A highlight of Kerrville is Schreiner University, a small liberal arts institution. It’s Creative Learning Institute has nontraditional workshops and classes that appeal to a wide range of ages, including the 55+ demographic. Kerrville also has a number of festivals, including the Kerrville Wine and Music Festival,the Kerrville County Market Daysand the Kerrville Folk Festival.