Lafayette, Louisiana

Located in south-central Louisiana, Lafayette, with a population of 128,000 people,  sits along the Vermillion River and is the county seat of Lafayette Parish.  It does not have a reputation as a very pretty city, but it does have a reasonable cost of living, just meeting the national average. It is known as the Cajun capital of the United States the and attracts a lot of tourists who come to experience the Cajun and Creole lifestyles.   It is also home to the University of Louisiana at
Lafayette, and it serves as the retail hub for the five parish area.

For a great deal of its history, Lafayette’s economy was based on agriculture. In recent years, both tourism and him and health industry have grown to become a larger part of the city’s economic well-being. Today, the population is very conservative with more than 65% of residents considering themselves Republican, and of the residents, 30% are age 45 or better. The median household income is below the
national average and the poverty rate is just slightly above the national average.

One reason many people might consider retirement Lafayette is the climate. The city sits in a humid subtropical region, and as in most cities along the Gulf Coast of the United States, summers are hot and humid winters are mild. 60 inches of rainfall each year on average, and the sun shines 217 days of the year. On the comfort index, a combination of temperature and humidity, Lafayette ranks below the national average.

Lafayette also has four hospitals, two of which are award-winning. Restaurants are in good suppl,y as a shopping. The city has three Walmarts, as well as other large retailers. it should be noted, however, that Lafayette has a crime rate higher than the national average. This may be treated in part to the slightly higher than average poverty rate of the city.

While Lafayette seems to be a reasonably priced southern city with several good hospitals, an interesting culture and a mild climate, the high crime rate discourages us from recommending it as a great place to retire.