Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City, Oregon is home to roughly 8,000 people and is located on the western coast in the north of Oregon.   A culmination of five communities that were united in 1965, the town received its name from a contest to pick the name of the new town.

The town of Lincoln City experiences a Mediterranean climate with cool winters, warm summers with low humidity.  The winters see an average of rainfall, much like the rest of the Pacific Northwest region.

There is much to do in town.  There are plenty of opportunities to shop (with no sales tax), find beautiful antiques and enjoy many state parks, cultural events, and art exhibits.  Lincoln City is also known as the Kite Capital, being named one of the best places in America to spend a Sunday afternoon with a kite and the grandkids (which means there is some wind here).   Lincoln City holds indoor and outdoor kite festivals annually.

This is an excellent retirement community and is located in a spot on Oregon’s coast that is as beautiful as any postcard.    It is a quite, but charming town and would be prefect for anyone looking to retire near the ocean.