Louisiana Retirement

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General Louisiana Information

Louisiana, the Bayou State, is home to more than four and a half million people. Located between Texas and Mississippi, Louisiana sits on the Gulf of Mexico. The capital in Baton Rouge and the largest city is New Orleans. The state was names after the king of France, Louis the XIV. The United States acquired the land in the Louisiana Purchase.

The state has a humid climate with a typical year having long, humid summer days and short, mild winters. The average temperatures range from 62 to 92 degrees within the year, and the state is frequented by thunderstorms because of its location to the Gulf, home to beautiful inlets and marshlands down around the New Orleans area.

Louisiana has one national forest, the Kisatchie National Forest, but there are many protected areas so that the natural environment can flourish.  There are also a number of state parks for the nature enthusiast.

The state prides itself in its richly diverse culture. The Creole and Cajun population bring a long, rich heritage to the state.

The first state to begin drilling for oil on water, Louisiana was also the first to adopt into law the option of a covenant marriage, which waives the rights for the couple to declare “no-fault” for divorce. If the couple wants to divorce, they must show valid cause.

Louisiana is also home to one of the biggest parties in the world: Mardi Gras. Every year, people flock from all over the world to experience this extravaganza,  but New Orleans is not just a party town.  It has a deep history and culture that can only be experienced when in the city. T he good nature of the people doesn’t stay within New Orleans; good natured southerners are found throughout the state in every city and town.