Magalia, California

Magalia, California Retirement

Located in rugged north central California, Magalia started out as a mining camp during the California Gold Rush. In 1859, a 54 pound gold nugget was found in a nearby mine, bringing fame to the fledging town. Today, the town is no longer famous and the miners are gone. Instead, Magalia attracts a mature demographic with 52% of residents age 45 or better. It has been growing in the last ten years and has a population of 13,000 people. The median home price is $200,000, and the cost of living is 5% above the national average. The median household income meets the national average.

Magalia sits at 2,600 feet, which helps keep its climate somewhat cool in the summer. Temperatures are in the 70s, 80s and low-90s, and nights cool off once the sun sets. Winter temperatures are in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Precipitation measures three to four inches in the summer months and up to several inches of snow each month in the winter. On the comfort index, a combination of temperature and humidity, Magalia comes in well above the national average (in other words, it is a comfortable place to live).
Residents are about evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, and they are primarily working class. Of the good citizens of Magalia, 85% have a high school degree, and 13% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

This quaint town is surrounded by natural beauty, with the Sierras beckoning with plenty of opportunities for fishing, camping, cross country skiing and hiking. Homes are tucked into the hillsides, and wildlife and wildflowers are in abundance. There is no police department (but the sheriff patrols town), and only one road in and out leaves the town a bit isolated in the winter. The nearest Wal-Mart is 22 miles away in Chico.
The crime rate in Magalia is below the national average.

Magalia also does not have its own hospital. The closest medical facility is just 5 minutes away, though, in a town called Paradise. Feather River Hospital has 100 beds, is accredited by the Joint Commission and meets or exceeds national rankings in nearly all areas.

Safe, cute and situated in some beautiful country, Magalia is not a bad place to retire. Its secluded location and lack of services, including a police department, are things to keep in mind, though. if considering retirement here.