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Maryland Retirement Communities

Maryland is a small state, not much bigger than the country of Belgium.   It is located right on the Atlantic coast and belongs to the original thirteen colonies; it was the seventh state to ratify the constitution. Maryland might be a small place, but it is still home to 5.6 million people, and its location gives easy access to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Because of its location on the Atlantic coast, much of Maryland’s history dates back to the first settlers in America, and it is also home to St. John’s College, the third oldest college in the United States.

The state’s climate varies because of Maryland’s many different topographic regions. The area of the state that lies on the Atlantic Coastal Plain receives hot, humid summer and cool winters.  In the west, the residents there experience a cooler climate, experiencing mild summer and cold, snowy winter seasons.

Maryland’s main business is in biotechnology, with over 350 biotech firms located throughout the state. It is the third largest biotech region in the nation.  It also has a large fishing industry, with catches being primarily blue crab and oyster.

Maryland has popular professional sports teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins to cheer, and the close proximity to Washington, D.C. gives Maryland a boost in sports and in other areas. Being close to the nation’s capital gives the state’s residents a chance to experience national politics and convenient  access the nation’s beautiful monuments.