Marysville, Tennessee

Maryville, Tennessee is located near the eastern border of the state, just 20 miles south of Knoxville. More than 23,000 people call it home, and it is also home to Maryville College.

The climate here is a pleasure to experience.  The area has very mild winters and warm, humid summers. Maryville in the fall is bursting with color from the turning leaves.

The city started out as a fort in the late eighteenth century and was called Fort Craig, used primarily to ward off attacks from the Native American tribes. A few years later the founder, John Craig, donated land to establish a town, and that’s where Maryville began.

For the outdoors-oriented person, Maryville has seven parks to explore. There is beautiful, natural scenery everywhere to take in and enjoy, and if you want to stay fit, try walking or biking down the Maryville Alcoa Greenway.   There are also many sites, such as the Sam Houston Schoolhouse, to take in a bit of history.  There are plenty of opportunities to shop in Maryville; it has two shopping centers and more than a dozen churches.

Maryville has a lot of hometown charm, and could be the place for you.