Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona is the third largest city in Arizona and is found   in the southwestern corner of the state in the Valley of the Sun, in Maricopa County. The city population is a little more than 447,000 people and it is only minutes away from Phoenix, Arizona.

The climate in Mesa is warm and hot during the days with cool nights throughout the year.  Mesa also experiences low humidity, which combined with the average temperature of 86 gives the city a perfect balance of weather for outdoor or indoor activities.  The city experiences more than 320 days of sunshine each year.

The city was founded in 1878 by Mormons and the Mormon faith still has a presence in the city.   Mesa has many historic buildings and sites that are of great pride to its residents and of great interest to visitors.   There are also many opportunities for outdoor adventures, including, biking, horseback riding and tubing in the Salt River.   Mesa is also home for the Chicago Cubs during spring training.

With its perfect sunshine and great weather, Mesa is a great place for retirees.   There is so much to do and see, all while experiencing the culture and arts of the southwest.