Nevada Retirement Communities

It is almost possible to drive across Nevada from border to border and never see another human being. This is a high desert; parts are truly beautiful but also incredibly desolate.  Civilization springs up, finally, in the southern section of the state.  Las Vegas is sprawling and booming, but it is also a well-planned city, and despite its wild reputation, it is a senior-friendly place.   If you like hot, dry weather, you might enjoy Nevada.  Winters are mild (one can play golf year-round), while summers are hot (but nearly every building has air conditioning).  There is obviously lots to do, but there is also a very pleasant Vegas away from the glitz and glamour.  Home prices are also higher than the national average.

Del Webb’s Sun City Summerlin

Del Webb has retirement communities all over the country.  This community, located 15 miles northwest of Las Vegas, sits on 2,500 acres and is known for its two championship golf courses.   Single family homes are for sale.   Children are not allowed to live here as residents, and if they visit, they may not stay more than 90 days per year.   Seniors here must be at least 55 years old; the average age is 62.  Discounts are available for those who would like to come visit.

Los Prados

This is a smaller community, with about 1,400 homes on 300 acres in northwest Las Vegas.  Some neighborhoods have age restrictions, requiring residents to be aged 50 or older, but other areas of the community have no restrictions, making for a nice mix (the average age here is 50).   Children are also allowed as residents in some neighborhoods.  Most seniors living here are from out-of-state and primarily from California, New York and Illinois.  Amenities include a clubhouse, tennis courts, a swimming pool and walking paths.