New Hampshire Retirement Communities

There is hardly a state in the union that is more picturesque than New Hampshire.  Rolling hills, rugged mountains, a short but pretty seacoast, lakes, New England small towns with town squares and white churches, and, of course, gorgeous autumns are some of the reasons to love this state.  There are some drawbacks, though    Summers are lovely but short.  Winter comes early and stays late.  Spring is known as mud season.   And the cost of living here is high, particularly along the southern edge where most people live.

Great Brook Village

This is a very small community, established in 1993, and has about 65 homes on 20 acres.  It is located in Belmont, in the heart of New Hampshire’s beautiful  lakes region (Lake Winnipesaukee is about 10 minutes away).  Residents are from in-state, as well as Massachusetts, Vermont and New Jersey.  No children are allowed as residents, and their visits are limited to 30 days per year.  One person in each household must be at least 55, and the average age of residents is 58.  RV storage, full basements and garages are available (single family homes are for sale).