Norris, Tennessee

Norris, Tennessee is located in the northeast region of the state in the county of Anderson. The town is in close proximity to Knoxville and Oak Ridge and is a small place with only about 1,500 people within town limits. Norris was originally built as a planned community in 1933 when houses were built for the workers who were employed to build the Norris Dam.   The town is now listed as a historic site in Anderson County.

Because of its location, Norris gives its residents easy access to all of the culture and entertainment in Knoxville where retirees can check out all of the arts and music festivals.  There are so many events in Knoxville that there is usually something new to do every month.  There are also many state parks and amusement parks within reach.

Norris has an interesting layout.  Instead of a more typical city grid, Norris was planned in the style of English garden cities, with roads following the contours of the land and houses that didn’t necessarily face the roads. This plan gives the city a kind of country charm that is hard to find anywhere else. Retiring in Norris is like living in a little part of history.

The climate in Norris is a humid climate, but doesn’t get as hot as some of its southern counterparts. The summers are hot and humid and the winters are cool with small amounts of snow every year.