North Carolina Retirement Communities

North Carolina beckons as a retirement state because of its beautiful scenery (forested rolling hills and lovely coastal area) and warm climate.  Winters are mild, but summers are often hot and humid.   The coast is also vulnerable to hurricanes.  The cost-of-living varies throughout the state.  In some areas, particularly those more rural, it is below the national average, and in others, such as Chapel Hill, it is above the national average. Many communities seem to attract a lot of out-of-state residents.

Connestee Falls

This community sits on 3,900 acres about 35 miles south of Asheville in western North Carolina.   Single family homes, condominiums and town homes are for sale.  Most homes are no larger than 2,000 square feet.  There are no age restrictions, and the average is 65.  Children are allowed as residents.  Most seniors here come from Florida, Michigan and South Carolina.  Amenities include a private golf course, walking paths, tennis courts, a swimming pool and a clubhouse.

Mountain Air Country Club

Located on 500 acres on the top of a mountain, this is a beautiful community that offers most home-owners 50 to 100 mile views of the surrounding countryside.  Single family homes, town homes and condominiums are for sale, and they are on the pricey side.   The community is located about 35 minutes northeast of Asheville.    There are no age restrictions; the average is 52.  Children are allowed as residents.  The majority of those living here are from Florida, South Carolina and Georgia.   Discounts are offered for anyone one wanting to come visit before buying.  A round of golf and a breakfast buffet are included.

The Village of Calabash

This is a small community (175 acres) one mile northeast of Calabash on North Carolina’s southern coast.  Homes are for sale and are fairly reasonably priced.  There are no age restrictions (the average age is 58) and children are allowed as residents.  Most residents are from out-of-state, primarily New York, New Jersey and Ohio.   This is a good spot for anyone wanting a retirement near the sea as the community is 10 minutes from Sunset Beach and 15 minutes from Ocean isle Beach.