Ojai, California

Ojai, California is one of the smaller and most affluent towns in southern California. It is the smallest town in Ventura County with a population of only 8,006.   Located east of Santa Barbara, Ojai is settled on 4.4 square miles in a valley surrounded by picturesque hills and mountains. Ojai is one of the few towns in the world that experiences the Pink Moment at sunset, where the sky turns a brilliant shade of pink just as the sun sets below the hill surrounding the town.

Historically, Ojai has been home to an Indian settlement, a cattle ranch, and even a place for oil prospectors. The town even went through a name change in the early twentieth century, changing its name from Nordhoff to Ojai, meaning “Valley of the Moon.”

Ojai is also conveniently located fifteen miles inland from the pacific coast, so it is easy for you to plan day trips to the beach anytime. The climate in Ojai is temperate and mild.

If you are looking for small town charm, Ojai has it all. Ojai is home to only one movie theater, which still only houses a single screen. Quite a few festivals take place annually in Ojai. There is the Ojai Music Festival, the Ojai Poetry Festival, and Ojai has been known to host the Classic Rock Festival on occasion. Ojai has just the right balance of culture and community, all included in a small town down in the valley. It is a great place for retirees who are looking for the peace and quiet of a small town without having to give up any of the culture of a big city.