Roseburg, Oregon

Roseburg, Oregon is the county seat of Douglas County and is located on the western side of the state. It is home to more than 20,000 people.

The weather here is wet.  Roseburg sees rain often, especially in the winter. Five to six inches of rain a day in not uncommon, but the temperatures are mild throughout the year. The high temperatures in the summer can reach up to eighty degrees while the winters stay around a cool thirty degrees.

The town has an interesting history.  In 1959, the Gerretsen Building Supply Company caught fire, and because of a truck loaded with dynamite, there was an extremely large explosion.  The city rebuilt and has thrived since.   This story is told often, and there is a museum that tells the account of the Roseburg Blast.

Roseburg is a terrific spot for those who love the outdoors.  There are numerous beautiful parks, as well as a nine hole golf course.  Its layout is challenging to the experienced golfer, yet offers fun for the casual golfer as well.   It is located in Stewart Park and also has a driving range, golf shop, and restaurant.

Roseburg is a delightful town for people who enjoy the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of Pacific Northwest