Savannah Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is located on the eastern side of Georgia in the county of Chatham and is a decent sized city with about 128,000 people.  Savannah is known as the “Hostess City” because of its warm, southern hospitality and easy going style.

The city of Savannah experiences a warm climate, with temperatures for the winter and summer months nearing 38 degrees Fahrenheit and 92 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

This gracious spot used to be the colonial capital of the state of Georgia, but that has since moved to Atlanta.   Savannah’s city structure and layout were meticulously planned by the founders of the colony to provide different wards that center around a town square.   The town was also an important player in the Civil War; after Atlanta had been captured, General Sherman offered the city of Savannah as a Christmas present to President Abraham Lincoln.

Savannah also knows how to have a good time and holds the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the nation every year. The city also provides many cultural and artistic events, and many a Sunday afternoon can be spent outdoors exploring the historical buildings in the downtown squares and checking out the city’s parks.