Sherwood, Oregon

Sherwood, Oregon Retirement

Located in the northwest corner of Oregon, Sherwood is a bedroom community just outside of Portland. It was incorporated in 1893 and was named after Sherwood Forest in England. The population is approximately
17,000 people, of which 20% are age 45 or better. Sherwood is an affluent community with the median household income well above the national average. The median home price is in the high $200,000 range, and the cost of living is roughly 22% above the national average.

The city has been growing quickly, increasing in population by nearly 50% within the last decade. The city is expected to reach a population of 300,000 within the next 10 or 20 years. It is a liberal city, with nearly 60% of the residents voting Democratic. Crime is practically an unknown, always an important consideration for retirees. Sherwood does not have a hospital of its own but Legacy Meridian Park Hospital is within 5 miles and is accredited by the Joint Commission. It has 825 beds but is not a teaching hospital. Another hospital, Providence Newberg Medical Center, is also close at hand and is also accredited by the Joint Commission.

When it comes to climate, Sherwood is typical of much of Oregon. the city receives roughly 43 inches of precipitation a year, and it does rain almost every other day. The sun always shines roughly 150 days of the year, and on the comfort index, a combination of temperature and humidity, Sherwood ranks below the national average.
Overall, this northwestern Oregon city outside of Portland is a place we can recommend for retirement.