Wimberley, Texas

Out in the country, between Austin and San Antonio, and about 12 miles off of Highway 35, lies a Texas town dating from the 1850s.  Cotton farmers and goat ranchers dominated this area in those days, and during WWII wealthy Houston residents built summer homes here.  Soon, Wimberley had a reputation as a retirement destination, and today, this tranquil rural community of 9,000 continues to be  home to a significant number of retired folks, with about half of the town’s population aged 45 or older.  Wimberley is a true small town, recently incorporated after years of being governed by 45 citizen-led clubs, and has little industrialization or commercialism.

The opportunities for volunteerism in Wimberley are many.  The town has a strong sense of community activism, and retirees have no trouble staying busy. Retirees here enjoy a low crime rate and a friendly small-town atmosphere.  This is an educated population; many of Wimberley’s residents are retired professionals.  The town organizes “Hobby Lobby,” a continuing education program, each year, and on the first Saturday of each month from April to December, the Lions Club organizes Wimberley Market Days where folks can shop for just about anything they need.  Wimberley also has a community chorus and a Meals on Wheels Program.  Downtown Wimberley is a collection of small restaurants and shops, but for those born to shop, in-depth shopping takes place in San Marcos (12 miles away) or in Austin, an hour away.

Man-made Canyon Lake is not far, providing water-based activities, and New Braunfels, an historic German town, is 30 miles south.  Southwest Texas State University, located in San Marcos, offers seniors a nice perk and waives tuition fees for students 65 and older.

Housing costs are reasonable, although there are no apartments, just single family homes.  The average selling price is $120,000, but some homes in town sell for $75,000.  Woodcreek Resort is a planned community three miles from Wimberley and has an 18 hole golf course, a water system and lovely homes starting at $110,000. 


Climate:  Winters are moderate, and summers are hot.  The area receives 37 inches of rain per year and no snow.  The average January high temperature is 53 degrees, and the average low is 40 degrees.  The average summer low is 98 degrees, and the low is 75%  Humidity averages 55.

Cost-of-Living:  Equals the national average.

Health Care:  Emergency medical response teams are staffed by trained volunteers who transport patients to nearby hospitals in San Marco, San Antonio or Austin.  The closest large medical facility is in San Marcos, twelve miles away.

Housing:  The average housing cost is $120,000 in town.  Rentals are hard to find.

Taxes:  The state sales tax is 6.75%, and the state has no income tax.  Property taxes run approximately $23 to $28 per $1,000 assessed value (homes are assessed at 100% of market value).  For folks over age 65, there is a $25,000 homestead exemption.

Safety:  The crime rate is well below the national average.

Contact:   Wimberley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Center, P.O. Box 12, Wimberley, TX  78676, (512) 847-2201.